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Pay in local currency with fast, simple, and direct global bank deposits.

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Global Payment Solutions

Meet your true partner in payments for B2B and B2C

Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, Pontual Money Transfer provides a tailor-made integrated payment solution for your business needs.

We understand the hurdles related to conducting business and making payments abroad. Our expertise facilitates payments for investments in general, real estate, service providers, IT developers, payments to suppliers and staff, professionals, and more.

Low Cost
Low Cost
While banks may charge an overpriced fee or a significant percentage that could escalate your costs, we only charge a small fee and provide a very efficient service.
Low Cost
Bank-Beating Rates
Our volumes, deep knowledge of currency trade
combined with the partnership with local payee
banks enable us to offer a very competitive rate.
Dare to compare our exchange rate to the rate
your bank is offering you today.

Low Cost
Compliance Expertise
Pontual has deep compliance knowledge, being fully regulated by State and Federal US Government Agencies. We operate in accordance with the local regulation of each destination country.

Low Cost
The information stored in our servers are encrypted and protected both physically and electronically in a highly secured environment. We regularly audit and update our security policies to ensure the protection of your data. Also, as a condition of employment, all of our employees pass financial and criminal background checks.

Thiago Da Costa   "Our business uses the services of Pontual Money Transfer many times a month and we are extremely pleased by the high level customer service, efficiency and value we get from them. Sending money to Brazil can be notoriously difficult, expensive and bureaucratic but Pontual makes it easy. We highly recommend their service."

Thiago Da Costa, CEO
Figura Media, LLC. & Brazil Production Services
Eduarado Amaral   "I need to send money to Brazil very frequently, so having a dedicated team to do so at Pontual makes my life a lot easier. They are always available for my requests and a call away for any questions I might have. I've been using Pontual for around 5 years and it's good to see that the company is always making an effort to get better and better."

Eduardo Amaral, Partner / COO
EAT - Entertainment, Art, Talent

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