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Comercial Pontual/USEND – Fernanda Pontes – Institucional

Posted On - May 05, 2017

Comercial Pontual Money Transfer - Fernanda Pontes - High Tech

Posted On - Feb 24, 2017

Comercial Pontual Money Transfer - Fernanda Pontes - Novos Serviços

Posted On - Feb 24, 2017

Enviouchegou App – New Version 2.0

Posted On - Dec 21, 2016

New Services to Brazil

Posted On - Nov 09, 2016

In addition to providing money remittance to Brazil, Pontual is extending its offerings with new services for the Brazilian community including bill payment, reload phone, and payment slips (boleto bancário).

B2B New Service Commercials - Globo TV Internacional and Social Media

Posted On - Aug 24, 2016

Learn more about our Business to Business Services to Brazil.

Pontual provides an integrated payment solutions tailored to your business payments needs. Your company can easily make payments related to conducting business abroad, such as: real estate, institutional investors, service providers, payments to suppliers and employees, freelancers and more.

B2B Service Portuguese

B2B Service English

Rickson Gracie - Enviouchegou

Pontual Announces Transfers in 30 Minutes

Posted On - Nov 23, 2013

Recently, we brought all of our over 300 agents in Massachusetts together to commemorate a year of growth and expansion. We also announced our new money transfer platform, which allows transfers to any bank in Brazil to be realized in under 30 minutes.

By always staying true our core values: convenience, speed, reliability, and cost-effectiveness, but continuously embracing the latest technologies- Pontual has been able to secure its position as a leader in money transfers to Brazil.

Watch Pontual's New Commercials

Posted On - Mar 03, 2013

If you haven’t already caught our new campaign, “Explorers,” on the Globo International TV Channel, we’ve compiled it here for you. Our commercials feature a loyal assortment of some of our favorite Brazilian athletes, who have endorsed our Money Transfer Service. Watch Rickson Gracie (Jiu Jitsu and a retired mixed martial artist), Jose Loiola (Professional Beach Volleyball Player), Anjinho Bacil (Professional Beach Volleyball Player), and Lyoto Machida (UFC Light-Heavyweight Champion) in commercials that discuss our commitment to convenience, speed, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. Mostly however, this commercial campaign is about all of the Brazilians out there who are fighting to realize their goals, and are realizing their dreams. We salute you, explorers!


Rickson Gracie

Jose Loiola

Anjinho Bacil

Lyoto Machida


Pontual's Ads Feature Lyoto Machida & Rickson Gracie

Posted On - Feb 03, 2013

Over the years, we’ve acquired loyal customers from all walks of life. All very different, all very unique- but all with one common goal: to get their money to their loved ones as safely, and as reliably as possible. Some of the customers we’re honored to serve, and just as equally honored to have endorsing Pontual’s dedication to Money Transfers include Lyoto Machida, UFC Light-Heavyweight Champion, and Rickson Gracie, Jiu Jiutsu & MMA Champion.

I have been using Pontual Money Transfer to send my money to Brazil since 2009. I am very satisfied and I HIGHLY recommend it.

- Lyoto Machida
UFC Light-Heavyweight Champion

For me, Jiu Jitsu is about efficiency, trust, and perfection. When sending money to Brazil I expect the same. That’s why Pontual Money Transfer has been my choice since 2008.

- Rickson Gracie
Jiu Jiutsu & MMA Champion

Make sure to pick up GracieMag to grab yourself a copy of the print ads featuring some of our favorite Brazilian athletes.

Pontual Sponsors IMTC Brasil 2012

Posted On - Feb 20, 2012

Recently, Pontual was honored to be a sponsor at IMTC Brasil 2012, organized by the International Money Transfers Conference at the Tivoli Hotel in Sao Paulo, Brasil. The conference brought the Money Transfer industry together to support the modernization of payment systems and regulations in Brazil. Pontual sponsored the conference in honor of our commitment to compliant, reliable, and cost-effective remittances to and from Brazil. Our CEO, Fernando Fayzano, also led a session “Money Transfers to Brazil originating in the U.S.: State of the Market,” offering his robust knowledge on the subject.

Pontual Sponsors the BCCC Networking Mixer

Posted On - Nov 16, 2011

On November 9th, Pontual was the event sponsor at the Brazil California Chamber of Commerce’s (BCCC) networking mixer at the Penthouse of theShangri-la Hotel in Santa Monica. Fernando Fayzano (CEO), Ana Paula Liogi, Paul Marcondes, and Ketrin Ofilada from our team prepared a presentation about the money transfer industry and its benefits to individuals and business of all sizes.

The presentation was then delivered by BCCC member, attorney Rodney Alves. It was a pleasure having the opportunity to meet and speak with so many brilliant minds and passionate individuals. All in all, the event was a huge success, and we couldn’t be more honored to have been a part of it.

Pontual CEO Interview at IMTC Miami 2011

Posted On - Oct 17, 2011

The International Money Transfer Conference (IMTC) held its annual IMTC Miami conference (IMTC Miami 2011) on October 11-14 at the Hilton Miami Downtown Hotel. The IMTC brings the Money Transfers Industry together to discuss trends, regulations, and issues facing the industry. Below, watch Catalina Arroyave from the IMTC interview Pontual CEO, Fernando Fayzano about what he foresees as being the future of the remittance industry, especially within the Brazil-USA market.

2008 Annual Conference - Brazilian Laws and Regulations and Brazilian Laws and Regulations and Related Compliance Implications in Related Compliance Implications in the Operations of TMA

Moderator: Robert Venchiarutti – California Department of Financial Institutions
Panelists: Paul Dwyer, Viamericas Corporation, Maryland; Fabio Fernandez, Pronto Money Transfer, Inc. (dba Pontual Money Transfer), California

Pontual Sponsors Brazilian Day San Diego

Posted On - Sep 20, 2011

A few days ago (Sept. 18) we sponsored Brazilian Day San Diego in Pacific Beach. Brazilian Day San Diego is the largest Brazilian festival on the West Coast and features Brazilian musical groups, stage performances, brightly colored dancers, carnival parades, capoeiristas, floats, and the delicious food we love so much. All in all, it was a day full of events that honored and celebrated the beauty of the Brazilian culture. Due to our commitment to Brazil, and to our family of loyal customers who use our service to send money to their loved ones to and from Brazil, we sponsored the event. For all of you who had a chance to stop by and meet us, we hope to see you again soon! For those who didn’t have a chance, we’ve included some photos here and we hope to see you next year!

Follow Pontual on Facebook

Posted On - Jan 12, 2011

Pontual has created a Facebook page where you can stay up-to-date on all things Pontual. Follow us for company updates, events we’ll be a part of, and promotions. Mostly, however, we’ve created a Facebook page so that we can have easy access to communication with you, our customers. Just like with our service, we want to make it as convenient as possible for customers to talk to us, ask questions, and receive advice on remittances. Facebook you soon!

Follow this link to our page: